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Eeeeeevil Dead!!!
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Subdued Terror!!!

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~~~ Happy Halloween! ~~~

This evening was rather subdued - we were hoping to have a Halloween party this year, but with all the uncertainty surrounding my work situation and a possible relocation, we decided not to. Oh well - there's always next year :)

During dinner we warmed up some Hallowine, which was one of the many bottles of fruit wines we picked up during our trip to Door County, WI last month. That was quite nice, although a good deal stronger than your run-of-the-mill apple cider ;)

After dinner we watched a bio documentary about Stephen King. Being an avid SK fan, I'd heard a lot of it before, but there were a couple of interesting scraps of information which I wasn't aware of. They didn't talk about the Dark Tower novels, despite the fact that the new novel in the series comes out next week! Entitled Wolves of the Calla, the 5th book in King's Dark Tower series continues the adventures of the gunslinger Roland and his companions on their quest to find the Dark Tower. I'm really looking forward to this one - if memory serves, the previous book in the series came out 6 years ago! If you haven't read any of King's stuff in awhile, do yourself a favour and pick up the Dark Tower books!

After the SK doco, we switched to the Discovery channel for a documentary about a haunting in a suburban house. That was quite creepy, although not quite as bad as the one we watched last Halloween. We finally got around to watching Evil Dead on DVD after that, but we were getting too tired, so we'll continue watching that tomorrow. The effects are a bit hokey, but the movie itself is much better than a lot of the horror movies around that time; it is a cult classic after all! More thoughts on this tomorrow!

Last night we watched Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, which was quite a good yarn. What surprised us was that the movie was based on a true story, first published as a novel. I can't comment on how well the movie followed the book, but from what the author said on the DVD it sounds like it was a good adaptation. Now I want to go and visit the South!

Yesterday I received my copy of Four Seasons in One Day, a new chapbook put out by Two Cranes Press. This features fiction, artwork and poetry by Jason Erik Lundberg and Janet J.E. Chui. I was impressed with Jason's story in Intracities, so I'm looking forward to reading this!

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