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What's the buzz, tell me what's a-happenin'


Is anyone having any problems with the internet today? I am.

It all started earlier when I visited a site called "allrecipes" - I seem to remember a long time ago having some problems with that site - loading in very slowly, etc. - but today when I was there things started going wrong with my computer. A virus was detected by my antivirus and it set about to eliminate it, as it is wont to do. When that was done, it happened 3 more times in a row, so I got out and cleaned up my disk and defragged, etc.

Then I was reading a blog by Maggie, a very nice simple-appearing blog without a lot of ads cluttering it up, and on her page I was seeing certain of her words were highlighted and in bold and in all-caps... with a little green arrow thingy beside them. When I'd just hover over those words with my cursor, it was as if I had clicked on them - which I didn't - and then my screen was taken off to some weird place...

This all happened on another blog I was reading at Diaryland which normally is quite a simple non-ad site. Well, now I can't seem to go anywhere without all this stuff happening.

I've updated my antivirus which usually is fabulous... but I am afraid to go anywhere now except to email which seems OK.

If anyone has had this happen to them, please let me know that it's not just me?

This is what living in New England looks like this week:




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