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Old Man, Look at My Life...

It took me a while to "get" this, like about half-way through it (at around 1:43 on the time bar), I admit it, I'm a dork and don't catch on to things right away, but I did "get it" finally... and LOVED IT!

Well, who wouldn't love "two Neil Youngs" singing "Old Man"?

(Hint: Young was a guest on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon)

And for any of you who can't get videos, click


Oh wait, if you can't get videos on my blog, then you might not be able to see videos on YouTube either... right?

(Eric, I'm thinking of you here...)

(And Eric, if you, indeed, cannot see this little video, I am very sorry and I just wish the computer/internet gods would deliver you with an updated system for your computer so you and Mary can see and enjoy these priceless little gems! xoxox)

Cheers for something light in the midst of a dark spell,



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