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Currently listening to: The soundtrack to Brokedown Palace.

Well, I got through my long day yesterday and lived. Barely. I also had my first Cyber Law class. The class itself seems way cool. It's going to deal a lot with Intellectual Property and computers (the internet, software, etc.) which is one of the fields I'm interesting in working in. The Professor seems nice enough, but wow, we're talking NERD here. Tweed suit, hair parted on the side and then gelled down, nerd style glasses (the kind you see stereotypical nerds wearing in the movies), etc. Nerdom was strong in this one.

At this point it looks as if Toxic Torts and Cyber Law are going to be way cool. It seems as if Remedies and Fed State will be painful, but the cool Professors will ease the pain a little. And Insurance Law is going to be PAINFUL. We'll see how this semester goes!

Luckily I have Fridays off and due to the fact that it's still early in the semester I didn't have to be on campus to work on anything today. And so I slept. Yesterday I was pretty much dead on my feet and I needed sleep badly. So today I slept until around 2pm. I've got some homework to do this weekend, but today I'm just spending the day hanging around the house and doing nothing. And it feels wonderful.


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