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What I Did On My Summer Vacation
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Okay, well, more like what I did on this Friday night. When Rob got home from work I was still napping. He climbed into bed with me and we slept for a little bit. Later on we got hungry, but were still tired. We decided to go out for food and skip a movie or something like that.

We went locally and headed down Ventura to Vie De France. I love that place. French food, yum! After dinner we made a run to Sav-On for some necessities and then headed back home. Tonight wasn't very exciting, but we were both sleepy so we were just looking to fill our tummies and then head on back. Now we're going to either watch a DVD or play on the PS2 for a bit. And tomorrow we both get to sleep in. That should be so nice, neither of us has gotten enough sleep recently.


because i thought this picture was pretty, laura of told me this: "it seems you enjoy dancing, drinking, eating, orgies, and expensive perfume. you're the type of person who buys brand-name socks--but you are also the type of person who has been electricuted by the toaster at least seven times. you were at the top of the class in elementary school, but faltered in junior high, because you didn't understand algebra. your favorite singer, suprisingly, is prince, and in your spare time you can be found tinkering with broken calculators and atari home videogame units." whatever will laura tell you??

You know, some of this is very accurate and some of this is way off base. Eh.

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