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He's Alive!
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Wow, this weekend is really keeping me busy. I guess that's good though 'cause at least I'm not bored. Last night was the character creation session for the D&D game that Rob's running. Among the players are myself, Al, Berek, two of my law school friends (Carrie and Shannon), and a friend of Shannon's who none of us had ever met before just kind of showed up (Bryce). Shannon came late because she was having a bad night, but most of us were able to get our characters done. I need to do a bit more work on mine and Shannon only just started hers, but it's all stuff that can get done before the first game. It should be a very interesting game. I'm playing a chaotic neutral human (were-weasel) rogue, Al is playing a lawful evil human monk, Carrie is playing a chaotic good elven sorceress (who is also a hooker), Bryce is playing a chaotic good human fighter, Berek is playing a chaotic good elven ranger, and Shannon is playing a chaotic neutral dwarven wizard. For those of you who have played D&D before, I'm sure you realize just how nuts Rob is going to go with this group.

Today Rob and I actually got to see the elusive Chris W. Yes folks, he's alive! He ended up FINALLY getting in touch with Rob and heading over here today. Today was the last possible day for the men in Rob's party to get their measurements done. Chris got the quickie tour of our apartment, and then we headed over to the Gary's Tux in the Sherman Oaks mall. Chris got all measured and got to see the tux that he and the other groomsmen will be wearing and the tux Rob is wearing. He thought the tails one that Rob is wearing was way cool. After that we headed up to the food court to grab lunch and then headed back to our place. Chris needed to get going and Rob and I had plans for tonight so we dropped Chris off at the red line station near Universal and then Rob and I headed to City Walk.

Once at City Walk Rob and I saw a 6:30 showing of Final Destination 2. We both loved it. It was a nice break from some of the crappy horror films we've been seeing lately. If you liked the first one, then go see it! Granted, it's not as good as the first one because you already know the whole premise behind the film, but they went a lot more intense with the death scenes in this one and it's well worth seeing. If you didn't like the first one or the first one gave you nightmares then stay away from this one. Like I said, the death scenes are more intense and suspenseful than in the first one and the beginning scene (huge car accident / pile up) was creepy as all hell. It wasn't done as well as the airplane scene from the original, but it still had the vast majority of the audience on the edge of their seat.

After the movie we grabbed dinner and then headed back home. We need to get up early tomorrow so that I can get a wedding dress fitting done at Claudine's so we're going to call it a night sometime soon.



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