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I Can't Move My Head
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Okay, so this really isn't cool. Yesterday my neck was sore and so Rob gave me a bit of a massage when I got home from school and then I passed out. When I woke up this morning I was in extreme pain. My neck hurt like hell and even my left arm was hurting.

I got up only to find out that I can't move my head. If I move it, even the tiniest little bit, my neck hurts very badly. It feels like I pinched a nerve or something and every now and then I get a shooting pain down my left arm.

Considering that I don't have the time to see my doctor, I called my Mom. Apparently she had something similar a few years ago. She said that it's something like a very tense muscle pressing in on the nerve. So, I pretty much have a pinched nerve. It's from stress (like I'm not under enough of that) and from the way I read. When I'm reading for class at home I sit on the couch and have the book on my lap. Apparently the combination of reading in that position and severe stress causes what I have. This is so not cool. I'm currently over loading myself on Alieve (2 pills twice a day) and that's helping a little bit. Tonight I'm also going to see about getting a heating pack or something like that because heat is suppossed to help with this.

I just hope that the pain subsides before I need to go out and drive. It's not going to be easy driving when I can't turn my head at all. This really sucks.


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