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Last night was neat. Rob and I had friends over to hang out and to play Dungeons and Dragons. Around 8pm Al, Carrie, Shannon, and Bryce stopped by. Berek is also a part of the group but he couldn't make it on account of an injured butt. Go read his journal if you have no idea what I'm talking about. Once everyone got here we ordered pizza and opened a bottle of wine (courtesy of Shannon) and a bottle of peach pucker. We all drank and talked and made some phone calls while intoxicated. Um - to the person who we called I'm sorry. Being drunk makes Carrie, Shannon, and myself think that making phone calls is funny. So if we offended you, I'm sorry. PLEASE don't hate me, kay? You know who you are.

After a few hours of talking and stuff we finally got the game started. We didn't get to play all that much because it turned into more of a social thing than a game thing, but what little game we played was fun. I've never been a big fan of D&D, but Rob makes one hell of a story teller and I enjoyed myself. People started heading out around midnight once they were sobered up and Rob and I spent awhile cleaning the place up. After that Rob showed me some of the mechanics of the game since I had no clue what I was doing and then we passed out for the night.

Today Rob and I slept in and we both desperately needed the sleep. Later on we headed out to the Northridge mall for some shopping. I had wanted to find a neat outfit for clubbing, but had no luck. I checked out some things at Torrid but none of it looked as good as I wanted it to and so I didn't end up getting anything for clubbing. I did however get some cute pairs of panties (string bikinis and thongs), so the trip wasn't a total bust. Rob and I grabbed dinner at Sizzler and then did some errands (drug store and grocery store) and then headed back home. We're currently just futzing around on line while Trading Spaces is on in the background.

Oh, and as a side note we got our official marriage license yesterday! Which means that if I have the time on Monday I can run around to Social Security and the DMV to get my last name hyphenated.

Weight lost on my infomercial diet so far: 2 lbs. That's up 1/2 pound from yesterday, but I was bad and drank alcohol which is a major no-no on this diet.
Days on the diet: 3


What anime hue are you?

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