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My Bathroom Is Leaking
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Stuck At School

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For those of you who actually care (hi Mom) I did go to all of my classes yesterday. I should have ditched, but I didn't. Damn guilt.

By the way, I think the Pepperdine campus is a fucking wind tunnel. Seriously. Sheesh.

Last night was cool. I was once again under much stress and so I decided to go shopping. It's one of the few things that works as a wonderful de-stressor. I got some purple dice for the D&D game that Rob is running but have yet to find a dice bag that I like, I got a few neat shirts, a pair of denim capri pants, a new purse, and some things for Lisa. I wasn't able to get a b-day present for her the last time I saw her and I think she's coming over on Friday so I got her stuff now. I think she'll like it. I won't post what I got on here because I know that she reads it, but chances are she'll post about it after she receives it on Friday. After shopping we (Rob and I) grabed some dinner at Red Robin (we were at the Glendale Galleria) and then headed on home.

Once we got home we found out that we had a leak in our bathrom. Our apartment is one of those that has ceiling sprinklers all over the rooms in case there is a fire. The one in our bathroom was leaking. It was in the main bathroom by the shower and the toilet. We put a bucket under it and went to bed.

This morning while I was getting ready to come to school I called maintanance and had them take a look at the sprinkler. They told me that the sprinkler was leaking. No shit, really? *sigh* They said that wasn't something they handled and they needed to call the fire company that they worked with to come and fix it. They couldn't tell me when they would come in so now the cats are trapped in the second bedroom. Both Sydney and Amber try to escape whenever the front door opens so it's safest just to have them in the second bedroom. I hope those people come today to fix the problem because I don't want the cats to have to be in the second bedroom tomorrow as well. Also, the door to our bedroom is now open so I'm praying that Amber is a good girl and doesn't try to let herself out of the bedroom. Because if she does there's a good chance she'll pee on our bed again. And if she does so she'll be ruining a brand new and rather expensive bed that my Mom got for us as a wedding gift. So, I'm crossing my fingers that the cats will still be in their room when Rob gets home from work tonight and that the leaky sprinkler will have been repaired.

I'm currently up in the library at school on my laptop (yay wireless card) and taking a break from reading for class. I have to be here for a class tonight. Blah. I'm so sick of this school crap. Just a little more than a month and I graduate. Hrm, I would be a lot more excited about that if I actually had any job prospects. If you know of anyone who is hiring (it doesn't even have to be in the legal field - at this point I just need a paycheck) drop me an e-mail.

Weight lost on my infomercial diet so far: 4 lbs. I'm still not happy about that pound I gained back and I'm praying that my body hasn't adjusted itself to this diet because that would mean that it's not going to continue working for me. But on the bright side losing 4 lbs in one week isn't too shabby.
Days on the diet: One week (7 days).


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