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Rob's Birthday
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Wishing I Wasn't At School

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Once again I ended up going to all of my classes yesterday. And I wish I would have skipped Toxic Torts. We didn't discuss anything at all related to the class, just Pepperdine's new ranking among law schools and why we bite ass. Okay, so maybe we discussed something toxic (Pepperdine) but we sure as hell didn't discuss any torts.

I headed home after class and tried to get as much reading done as possible. When Rob got home from work we headed out to dinner. Both of us were a bit too tired to catch a movie and so we went out to a nice dinner. We went to a local French restaurant and then stopped by the grocery store to get him a birthday cake (I don't cook). He decided he would rather have a birthday cookie platter and so we now have a huge ass tray of cookies in our apartment that need to be eaten. Rob said he'd work on them for nutritious meals like breakfast. When we got home we just chilled around the house and gamed a bit. By the time we went to bed we both passed out.

I'm currently on my laptop up in the law library at school. I should be doing reading for my classes, but I needed a bit of a brain break. Guess it's time to head back to my reading.

Weight lost on my infomercial diet so far: 5 lbs.
Days on the diet: 14.


Anyone who knows me could have predicted this result. It's not a good thing when your own husband thinks you're the devil.

Somewhere inside you lies true evil. Darkness
radiates through you like water flows through
the great lakes. Choose wisely in all your life
decisions , we all have means to change our

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