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A Bit of an Update
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Last weekend was fairly uneventful. Friday night Rob and I stayed in, watched TV, and ordered in some food. We also did some work on our taxes. Saturday we finished up our taxes and headed over to Citywalk. We saw the new Rob Zombie movie House of 1000 Corpses. Wow. I really don't know what to say about that. I liked it, but I think I liked it in the same way I liked Natural Born Killers. It was very disturbing and something I probably wouldn't have liked very much a few years ago, but now that three years of law school has utterly warped me, I did enjoy it. Should you go see it? Only if you aren't easily disturbed and are a Rob Zombie fan. Oh, and I have no idea how it managed an "R" rating. After the movie grabbed some dinner and headed back home. Sunday we did a lot of errands.

Today I'm doing the usual - a ton of homework, laundry, and around the house chores. It's getting very close to graduation and finals and I think I'm going to have a breakdown if I don't find some work (or at the very least and interview) soon.

I haven't had the time to log on at all over the weekend so I'm taking a break right now and getting my internet stuff done. I'm also listening to the soundtrack for House of 1000 Corpses. The soundtrack is REALLY good.

Weight lost on my infomercial diet so far: 5 lbs.
Days on the diet: 19.


Too cool.

Robert Smith
Artistic, gorgeous--you must be Robert Smith.

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