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2 Down, 3 To Go
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Ready To Scream

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Two of my finals are over and done with and I have three more to go.

Yesterday was my Cyber Law final. It was a two hour essay exam way early in the morning. I have no idea how I did on it. None at all. My computer froze on me at the beginning of the exam, however I was able to get it back up and running rather quickly and it didn't cost me any time. Since I honestly don't know how well (or how badly) I did on it I'm going to predict that the grade is somewhere between a 70 and an 88.

This afternoon was my Fed State exam. One hour of VERY difficult multiple choice and two hours of impossibly difficult essays. This exam was brutal and I don't think I did very well on it. And to make matters worse my computer froze at the end of the exam when I was hitting the "save and exit" button. Needless to say, the exam neither saved nor exited and I had to restart the computer. I lost part of my essay and time was called so I wan't able to re-write it. That's not something I needed because even without the computer freezing I wouldn't have felt good about how I did on the exam. At this point I'm just hoping that I don't fail it. Technically, as long as I pass they'll still graduate me. My prediction for this exam would be low 70's - and that's a nice guess because I'm loathe to think that I might have gotten lower than a 70 on it, but with the way things went it is a distinct possibility. I'll post the grade on here when I get it. Until then, please don't talk to me about this exam. I really don't want to think about it or speak about it again. Seriously.

Tomorrow I have my Remedies final. I'm going to try to get to school early in the morning so that Carrie and I can go over the material together. Having three finals back to back really bites ass. *sigh* And if three law school finals back to back are getting to me I'm going to hate to see how much of a wreck I become when I'm taking the bar. If I knew three years ago what I know now I would not have gone to law school!

Weight lost on my infomercial diet so far: 7 lbs. I think. I didn't have the time to weigh myself this morning. But it was 7 lbs. down the last time I checked.
Days on the diet: 1 month and 3 days.


Idealistic Virgin

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