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The Frustration of the Performance Test
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Performance Test Bad - Cat Pretty

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I feel like screaming. I feel like hurling all of my bar review books out the window and saying fuck it. What's the point of working myself to death for over two months straight just to fail the damn bar exam? And fail I will. I just don't get this crap. The performance test is a large part of the bar and there's no way I'm gonna pass it. None. The last two days have been lectures on the performance test. I learned nothing from them. Nothing.

Don't believe me? Think I'm the only one who is whining about this sort of thing? Then check out Carrie's entry on the performance test and you'll see how bad this sucks. She's right there with me in class.

So, tonight I have multiple choice questions and a full performance test to write. Too much homework. For those of you who are lucky enough to have no idea what a performance test is - it's when you're given a case file (all the facts and testimony about the case), a library (the law - statutes, cases, and the like) and then have to make something out of nothing. Tonight I get to re-draft a mall rules policy and then write a letter to another attorney. I think I'd rather stare at my bellybutton for the three hours (yeah, right, like it will get done that quickly) that it should take to do this.

Ugh. Will someone please remind me why I'm doing this again? Oh yeah, that's right - because I have absolutely no marketable skills and couldn't get a job for an entire four years after graduating from college. So I decided to put myself through three miserable years of law school and now have immersed myself into one of the circles of hell to try and pass a test that I know I'll fail. And after all of this, I still can't get a job. You know that whole hating my life thing? I'm doing it right now.


Um, no. Actually my eyes are a grey/blue sort of color. I don't think I'd look good with brown eyes.

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