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Contractually Impaired
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Can Barely Keep My Eyes Open

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I am so fucking tired. I feel like I'm gonna pass out at any minute. Once again we were cramped in the teeny little room for bar review. The TV sucked ass and you couldn't really hear much of what the video professor was saying. After class I came home and did the plethora of Contracts multiple choice questions. I sucked on them harder than I thought possible. I seriously would have done better if I would have filled in all one letter. *sigh* It's really starting to sink it - there's no way I'm gonna be able to pass the bar.

I'm studying Contracts and it's just not sinking in. I did decently in Contracts my first year of law school despite having a horrible professor (just ask Lisa), but I don't think we learned any of what this guy was talking about. I just don't get it. So - I'm having major problems when it comes to Real Property and Contracts. I'm not going to give up - I'm still going to work my ass off, but I have a very bad feeling of what my bar results will say come November.

I just finished my homework for the night and thought I'd make a quick post before taking a bit of a nap. That is, unless I pass out on my keyboard first. Tonight Rob is running the D&D game and around 8pm Shannon, Bryce, Carrie, and Berek will be arriving. Al's not able to make it tonight, which might be a good thing because he kind of offended Carrie with a comment he made last week. That whole situation is just ... not good. This will probably be the last D&D game before the bar. This is my last weekend off until the middle of July. Starting next week I'm in classes 7 days a week - weekdays and weekends. Just wait until I start bitching about that!


Um, well, yeah, maybe just a little. *blush*


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