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Rideshare Thursday, My Ass!
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I'm trapped in class, I don't know when the next break will be, and my bladder is about to burst. Just thought I would announce that to the world. Serves me right for sucking down water. Wah.

This morning was hell. I left the house a little late and apparently everyone else in the world did as well. The freeway was jammed. All the way from Studio City to Calabasis, the 101 was barely moving. I don't think I went over 10 miles an hour at any point. The ride was long and frustrating, but at least I was able to listen to a good part of the Howard Stern Radio Show on the way here. There also wasn't any reason for the bad traffic. No major accidents or anything. Ah well, it could have been worse. The 91 was completely shut down this morning. At least that's not my route! But seriously, the 101 is really Satan's Toilet when it comes to freeways. Oddly enough today is "Rideshare Thursday". A day when the people of LA are supposed to car pool if they can and make it so that there's less traffic. It's ironic that Thursday's commute is usually the most crowded.

So, today is yet another boring day in bar review. We're doing an essay workshop, which pretty much means we're learning nothing. Substantive law would be helpful. That might aid me in passing the bar. But an essay workshop? Come on people, if you don't know how to write a friggin' essay after three years of law school then maybe you shouldn't be taking the bar in the first place. *sigh* Waste of my time.

Tomorrow I won't have internet access from school. I won't even have my computer here with me. I'll be here ALL FUCKING DAY taking a multiple choice test. 9am-12pm 100 questions. Then an hour for lunch (which is worthless since there is no food on campus). Then 1pm-4pm for 100 more questions. Then this weekend (both Saturday and Sunday) from 9pm-5pm we go over each question. I'm seriously considering maybe ditching a bit this weekend. They're giving us the answers anyway. I don't know. I'll decide that when the time rolls around.

One of the biggest factors as to whether I ditch or not this weekend will be my health. A lot of stress and a little sleep is seriously messing with my system. I have problems ranging from the mundane (insomnia, constant nausia, migraines, etc.) to the worrysome (heart problems, an ulcer, etc.). So, we'll see how I feel and if I just need some time off from this.

Carrie and I are probably going to enter a state of panic somtime soon. In 5 weeks this will all be over with. Which means that in a little over 4 weeks we take the bar. And I don't think either one of us is prepared to do that right now. We're both thinking that we're going to fail. Fuck. Then again it's not like anyone has fucking hired any of us. *grumble* Things are not looking good around here kiddies.


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