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One, Two, Freddy's Coming For You
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Let me just say that Freddy vs. Jason was incredible!!! Definitely worth seeing on opening night and I'll be seeing it again in the theatre (and buying it pretty much the day it comes out on DVD). If you remotely like the Nightmare on Elm Street or Friday the 13th series, GO SEE THIS MOVIE NOW!!! I'm not going to tell you who wins (so don't bother asking) but let me just say ... damn.

Anyway, tonight Rob and I headed to the Media City Center. We had wanted to see an 8pm showing of the movie, but it was sold out. If we could have gotten into the 8pm showing we were going to try to meet up with Berek and Pita later on and catch a midnight showing of The Dark Crystal. Unfortunately things didn't work out and Rob and I ended up seeing the 10:30 showing.

We decided to kill some time and look around in the mall. I made a stop in Lane Bryant and got a really cool pair of jeans with an embroidered dragon at the bottom of one of the legs. I've realized something sad when trying on clothes today. I have a VERY short torso. On the bright side, that means I have decently long legs. On the down side that means when I get low rise jeans which should only come to my hips, they come to my waist. It also means that regular jeans come up way to high on me (like to the bottom of my breasts) and that I have to scrunch them down in order to wear them. Not a big deal, but it's annoying that I can never really wear cool low rise jeans since they aren't low rise on me. And it's also going to be a bitch when they go out of style cause I'm used to using the low rise ones as regular ones that fit. *sigh*

After Lane Bryant we checked out some other stores in the mall. I also ended up getting some body wash and hand lotion at Bath and Body Works (mmmm, Mango Mandarin). We then decided to grab dinner at Johnny Rockets. We were done with dinner and shopping around 9pm. It was a good thing too because a line had already begun to form for the movie. We got in line and stood there for about an hour. Worth the wait (see above). All in all both Rob and I were very pleased with the film. They did a good job integrating the feel of both series and did a great job making fun of them. The battle scene was worth the movie price and I'm definitely seeing this one again. As I said before, if you like the series even a little bit, go and see this film. It kicks ass.

I still want a lion. I'm so getting my ass to Build A Bear tomorrow. I need a lion. In pyjamas. Lion please.


I am a catbit. (part cat, part rabbit) Mmmmmmm

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