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My Doctor Sucks Ass
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Rob and I headed out to the AMC 6 in Burbank tonight and saw Jeepers Creepers 2. All in all it wasn't bad for a schlocky horror movie sequel. It's not something I'm going to run out and buy when it comes out on DVD, but I definitely enjoyed it and am glad we saw it.

After the movie we grabbed dinner at Carl's and then made a stop off at Sav-On for some drug store items and my Rx. Grr. When I picked up my acid reflux Rx I was told I'll have to see my doctor again before getting any more refills. I can't do that right now. I have no job and even though I do have medical insurance under my husband, there's a deductible (I think it's $1,000 between the both of us) that hasn't been used up. Which means I would have to pay around $200 for an office visit (merely for the purpose of getting a slip of paper saying I can have more of the drug I need) and I don't have $200 to throw around. *sigh* Anyone know of any good over the counter meds for reflux or any effective combos of over the counter stuff? Cause most OTC meds do nothing for me. The Rx was the first med to actually work for the reflux. And I definitely need to be on something because if the ulcer in my throat gets much worse it can turn cancerous - and apparently that kind of cancer is almost always lethal. This sucks. I'm going to call my doctor this week and tell him the situation, but I have a feeling he'll want to see me. I hate doctors. For fuck's sake, why does he need to see me just to refill a god damn acid reflux Rx? Fucking grr. So, we'll see what happens with that. Either I'm out money I can't afford to throw away or I start refluxing at night again and might make my condition worse. I don't see either of the options as being good ones. I just wish I could get some OTC crap to work for me.

On a side note, the chair Rob was just sitting on just fell apart. He's fine, but it's kind of funny. We've been waiting for that chair to go for awhile now. And it's slowly falling apart one piece at a time. My hubby is a brave man - he just got back on it.

Anyway, that's about all I have to post for now. Until I get a job my life isn't going to be that interesting.


Hrm, I think either Sydney or Amber needs to start acting more like Indiana Jones.

I am some kind of Tarzan detective hero. **pulls
off a miracle**

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