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I Need A New Body - One That Works And Doesn't Hurt

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Thanks to all of you who commented on yesterday's entry. I'm still looking for Halloween suggestions though. As far as things go with my journal, I've decided to keep it searchable. However, the "e-mail me" link is no longer up. If anyone who doesn't already have my e-mail address wants to contact me, they can leave a comment with their e-mail addy. Hopefully, that should work.

Last night Rob and I headed over to our wedding photographer's office. We picked up our finished wedding album. It looks really good. We had another one of those "wow, we're really married" moments when we were looking through the book.

More and more I'm wishing that I get a job offer in Chicago. Everything is making me want to get the hell out of LA, and for that matter California. What the hell is up with postponing the recall? Not cool. This state is such a joke. At least Illinois has a real governor who knows what he's doing (and is a Pepperdine Law alum as well). I know a lot of you want to see me stay here, but to be honest, if I do stay here I don't think I can be happy. I really hate being here. I NEED to leave. So, I'm going to try and get in touch with my Dad this week and let him know not to bother checking out his LA contacts. Just go with the Chicago ones. Rob and I are ready to leave as soon as we can. Granted, I'll have to see how I did on the bar before leaving (in case I need to take it again), but I want a job in Chicago. Rob seems to want to leave just as badly as I do. So, I'm now keeping my fingers crossed that I get a job in Chicago. That might be our only out.


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