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Hubbykins Bobertus Quotus
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And now, for another round of Rob quotes (once again probably taken completely out of context):

"Ah! You poked me in the nipple with a pie covered fork!"
"She stuck in her thumb, and pulled out my colon."
"I was chock full o' poo babies."
"Stick it in my ass . . . Cosmo told you to."
"Keep hugging, it's coming!"
"If I'm going to sex the cat, I'm going to go all the way."
"I'm sorry, I was too busy farting to hear you."
"So, essentially you're in a dead end tunnel - you've got this guy cornered - and you're going to turn into a giant shit monster and start chasing him around?!?"

Brought to you through the wonders of Rob.


Aw, I got the crappy Bond. No fair!

Roger Moore 007
Roger Moore Bond- not the best but still good

Which GOOD James Bond are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

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