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Lame Zombies
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I spent most of today on the phone with various people trying to figure something out. I have a bit of a medical problem that I am not posting about on here. I may put something up on my private journal about it tomorrow or Monday though - I just don't want to post it publically. Anyway, I was trying to figure out what the hell was going on and what to do about it. I still don't really know.

Tonight Rob and I headed over to the Media City Center. We looked around the mall for a bit and I got some body wash that I needed at Bath and Body Works. We then went to the theatre in the mall and saw House of the Dead. It was SO bad. Not as bad as Cabin Fever (but then again I don't think anything could be as bad as that), but pretty damn bad none the less. They kept cutting to clips of the video game. This movie shouldn't have even tried to have a plot - they just should have had people running around killing zombies. The only thing remotely worthwhile about seeing this piece of crap was the Resident Evil 2 preview. This film looked like it wanted to be The Matrix meets Night of the Living Dead, but it failed horribly. Rob and I knew we were going to see a bad B zombie movie, but neither of us were prepared for just how bad it would be. I do not recommend this movie. Go see Kill Bill instead.

After the movie we grabbed dinner at Johnny Rockets. We made a brief stop at the drug store on the way home and got home at a decent hour. Now we're just chilling out around the house. Tomorrow we might do some shopping. We'll see how tired we are and how my - um - problem is doing.


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