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If The 101 Is Satan's Toilet, Then LA Must Be Hell
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I Hate Los Angeles!!!

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Last night Rob and I made a quick run out to the pet store (kitties needed more soft food), to put gas in my car, and to grab a pizza for dinner from Barone's (best pizza in the LA area). The kitties are digging the Wellness dry food, but don't like the soft stuff. Rob's not too fond of it either because the smell makes him gag when he feeds the cats. So, at the pet store we picked up some cans of gourmet Nutro. This, they dig.

I'm trying to relax and spend some time at home because of my problem. I'm still having to do medical things to treat it and it's making me not want to leave the house due to some rather nasty side effects. So, most of the day today I just spent around the house doing laundry.

I picked Rob up from work tonight and will probably be doing so for awhile now. The damn bus strike has made it so he can't get to and from work on his own anymore. So, he has a co-worker pick him up in the morning and I get him when he's done with work. I don't mind doing this, but damn - traffic is NASTY in LA around 5pm. There need to be less people driving and the strike has only made traffic worse.

You know, with all that's going on in LA now, Rob and I are wanting to leave even more (if that's possible). We both hate it here. Granted, the grocery store strike is more annoying than anything (Rob and I will both freely cross the picket lines since there aren't any other stores near us to go to), but the bus strike is just plain not cool. There are alot of people out there who can't afford the new car tax and are therefore having to renew their car as a "planned nonoperation" vehicle. A lot of people also can't afford to buy a new (or used) car if they need one because of the insane amount they'll have to pay in taxes. So, more than ever, people are needing the buses and subways of LA. So what happens? The damn mechanics go on strike and the public transit system comes to a halt. If you don't have a car, there's no way to get around now. This is so not cool. The strikers really need to realize that they're hurting the public and not the MTA by striking. The Mayor of this city needs to get off his ass and do something. I swear, if this were Chicago the Mayor would have talks going on NOW and this stupid strike would be over with in a day or two. But this is LA and the city just sucks by its very nature. *sigh* I NEED to get out of here. I really hate it here and if I had the money for a cross country move I would do it as soon as my lease came up. Unfortunately I need a job to have that kind of money and I'll need to live wherever I get a job. Please, Please, PLEASE let me get a job in Chicago!!!


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