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Halloween Weekend
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Things have been so busy around here recently that I haven't had the time to come on and make a posting. Now things are back to normal and I'm going to play catch up as I chill out and get some laundry done.

Thursday night Bryce and Carrie stopped by. Bryce brought our Knott's tickets along with him (he gets a discount through work) and Carrie brought my birthday present along with her. She got me a God Bunny! Well, technically it's an angel bunny, but that's close enough. She got a really big and soft and fluffy bunny and out a halo on it's head and gave it wings. It is so adorable! Thank you Carrie! You rock! While she was here I gave her a few things that I picked up for her while in Solvang. I got her a piggy finger puppet (now you have a piggy Carrie), a piggy calander, and a flip flop necklace. I thought the necklace was rather fitting. She seemed to like them so I think it was a success.

Friday was Halloween, my favorite day of the year. Berek came over during the day and he also brought me a birthday present. He knows that I collect evil elder gods, so he brought me a Shoggoth plush (new release). Now my Cthulhu has another plushie pal to play with! He and I hung out at my apartment for a bit and then headed into the city to pick Rob up.

We brought Rob back to the apartment and then the three of us got into costume. Berek went as the Hulk, Rob went as Jack the Ripper (and looked really HOT in his costume), and I went as a demon/devil. It was pouring outside and so I decided to not wear the Malificent costume because it has a train that drags on the ground. So, I put on a gothic black dress, a pentagram/goat's head necklace, and some Woochie horns that attached with spirit gum. It looked pretty cool and I think it ended up looking better than the Malificent costume would have. We headed out to Berek's area and picked up Pita. She was dressed as a gothic / evil fairy. Very cool costume.

The four of us then headed to a local mall (up near Berek and Pita's home territory in Canoga Park) to do some mall trick or treating. Unfortunately we arrived just before closing and all of the stores were out of candy.

So, from there we headed to a Border's bookstore. We had some drinks in their cafe and looked at some books and other stuff. I got Rob a present while we were there. I found a stuffed catepillar from the book "The Very Hungry Catepillar", which happens to be his favorite childhood book and the first book he ever read. He was surprised that I found it and seemed very happy to have it.

After the bookstore and cafe we headed up to Moorpark. Berek's brother Ben was in a play at the community college up there. So, the four of us headed over there to see the stage production of "The Rocky Horror Show". It wasn't the usual production that most people are used to seeing (where the film plays and the cast goes along with the film), this was the actual play. It was a very good performance. I was surprised because this community college production was far better than most of the theatre productions I had seen while at USC. Ben was amazing and has a great voice (he played Eddie). The play was a blast and I'm very happy that we went. Right after the plat Rob, Berek, Ben, and I sang Happy Birthday to Pita. November 1st was her birthday.

When the play was over with the four of us headed to Denny's. They were under staffed (how lame is that late night on Halloween) and it took close to a half of an hour just to get a waiter to come to our table. But, we were fairly hungry (and tired) so we waited it out. After Denny's Berek dropped Rob and I off at home and the two of us passed out.

Saturday Rob and I slept in as much as we could, but we needed to get up and head out because we were doing one final run at Knott's Halloween Haunt. We got there early to beat the traffic and grabbed dinner at the Chicken Dinner Restaurant there. That place is really yummy. After dinner we hit the park and had a blast. It was nice being just the two of us this time. While hanging out with a group is really fun, there is also something to be said about spending some time with only my husband.

This was the last night of the Haunt, and I've found that it's a good night to go. Because Halloween is over with the crowd isn't nearly as bad as usual. We did some of the mazes over again (The Asylum, The Werewolf Log Ride, The Underworld Mine Ride, The Clown Maze, Hatchet High, and the Vampire Maze) and got to see the Ed Alonzo maguc show. The show was cool, but I think it was a bit shorter than last year. We headed out of the park around midnight because both of us were fairly tired. When we got home we went right to sleep.

Sunday we slept in a lot. Both Rob and I were exhausted from our weekend, but the fun wasn't over just yet. Sunday night around 6pm or so Berek and Pita picked up Rob and I and the four of us headed to Downtown Disney. We needed to celebrate Berek and Pita's birthdays. We went into a bunch of shops there. I ended up getting some Eeyore slippers and a snail pin at the Disney Store. We had dinner at the Rainforest Cafe and I got a little frog toy with my drink. The frog toy bended in ways that no frog (or any other creature for that matter) should bend and we noticed that for some odd reason the frog had little butt cheeks. After some alcohol the frog became named "Ass Fuck the Birthday Frog" and was given to Pita. The rest of the night Pita and I couldn't stop laughing as she harassed her man with Ass Fuck the Birthday Frog. Yeah. It was one of THOSE nights. I think Pita and I finally stopped laughing when we got into Berek's car and headed home.

So, that was my weekend. Busy, but fun. This week I get to do more job hunting and crap around the house. Blah.


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