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Well, the donation thing didn't work out. Rob took the bag of clothing over to the 7-11 only to find out that the donation bin had been taken away that morning because it wasn't being used enough. So, now I have a bunch of clothes to donate and no place to give them to. I'll wait about a month and look around for someplace to give them to because they're very good quality and in good shape and I would rather not throw them out, but I'm not going to keep them around here forever.

Last night Rob and I headed over to downtown Burbank. We grabbed dinner at Fuddrucker's (yum) and then walked around a bit. I made a stop in at Ross and picked up a pair of Skecher's sneakers. We then headed to an 8:15 showing of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre at the big new theatre there. It was a decent movie. The original was better (though it's never been one of my favorite horror films), but it was worth seeing the remake. It's not something I'll ever probably rent or buy though. We headed home after the film and watched some TV before Rob passed out and I watched more TV due to my insomnia which I just can't seem to shake no matter what I do.

Today I've been working on job stuff. I needed to re-do my resume and cover letter because they both sucked and my Dad gave me some ideas on how to improve them. I'll send them off to him in a few days and see if any more improvements are needed. Hopefully everything will be looking good by the time I get my bar results back (that is, if I pass). Tonight I think we'll be staying in and watching TV. One of the few good shows left on TV is on tonight (Angel) and Rob and I generally try not to miss it. Our VCR no longer likes to record things for us, so if we want to see a show we have to be here for it.


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