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I'm still sick today and it's gotten even worse. I had a hard time sleeping last night. Every time I'd start to drift off I'd wake up suddenly not being able to draw a breath. My throat would be closed off with mucus and after coughing up some nasty crap I'd finally be able to breathe. It's not that easy to sleep when every time you start to fall asleep you stop being able to breathe. That, combined with being sick, is making me exhausted.

So my head is all stuffy, my nose is stuffed up and draining down my throat (ew), my lungs are filling with mucus and it's difficult to breathe even when I'm not trying to sleep, and I'm just exhausted. At least the sore throat is gone. Meh. Of course it will probably come back from all the coughing I'm doing.

This morning I stayed in bed until around 2pm. Okay, that's not really morning I guess. I wasn't sleeping, I was just in bed. I couldn't get out of bed. I just didn't have the energy. Eventually (with the help of Rob) I made it up and into the shower. We made a quick trip out so I could pick up my prescriptions at the drug store and also get some more cold meds (stuff to help me with the crap in my lungs). Rob then made a run into the grocery store and we headed back home. Baby furniture and car seat shopping is postponed until I don't feel like hammered shit.

Rob's currently feeding Gabriel some baby food and has an Elmo's World DVD on for him to watch. We've found that distracting him with Elmo is a great way to get him to eat. Rob and I were talking and Gabriel shushed him again. Too cute.


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