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Still Sick
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I'm still sick. Yesterday was the worst of it so far. Not only did I have all of the previously mentioned symptoms, but also ended up with a horrible sinus headache. I could not get out of bed on my own and Rob was a super sweetie and headed out to the drug store to get me some meds for the sinus headache and other things that were bothering me. I spent the whole day in yesterday. There was no way I was going to be able to go out. I was in bed until 4pm and then came out to the couch to watch The Apprentice and do a bit of gaming with Rob.

This morning Rob had a job interview. Gabriel was a complete angel and decided to nap while Rob was at the interview, which in turn meant that my sick ass got to stay in bed and rest. I think he knows his Mommy is sick and is trying to help. God I love that little guy (and my big guy too).

When Rob got back from the job interview (around 10:30am) he had brought back some McDonald's breakfast with him. He knows I love their sausage egg McMuffins. As much as I love those things, it's a bad idea to eat that when feeling ill. My stomach was full of pills and mucus and they did not sit well. I was rather nauseous for awhile, but managed not to hurl.

Being sick, I spent most of the day in bed. Rob and Gabriel came in with me from 2pm until 4:30pm. There is nothing in the world better than curling up with my two guys. Having Gabriel curled up in between us is amazing. He's such a cutie. We all got up around 4:30 and I took a shower (this fever has me having major bouts of sweating and I really needed one) and am doing a few things on here now. I'm just trying to take it easy so I can get better. Sometime this week, sick or not, we have to get out and get Gabriel his new furniture and a new car seat.


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