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Running Errands While Sick
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Rob had his callback interview this morning and I stayed at home and watched Gabriel. It's not easy taking care of a sick baby while also being sick myself, but I made do. We chilled out and watched some Elmo and I came on here while he napped a bit. At one point I had a coughing fit that was so bad I threw up. Luckily I'm not eating much and have no appetite so it wasn't too bad. But still, I hate throwing up.

When Rob got home I crawled back into bed for a little bit because I felt like total ass. Eventually I made my way out of bed and into the shower because we had errands that needed to get done.

Our first stop was at the bank so that I could deposit our security deposit refund check from our old apartment (which will cover March rent for us) and so that Rob could get some cash out. Then we made a quick stop at the grocery store where Gabriel and I stayed in the car while Rob ran in to get some cat litter. From there we headed to Babies R Us to get Gabriel a new car seat. He'll be one year old on Sunday and it's time for him to be in a forward facing car seat, especially because his current rear facing one is actually getting a bit too small for him. We found one we liked, stuffed it into the back of Rob's car, and headed out. We made a pit stop at KFC for dinner and then headed back home.

Tomorrow we're heading to my Mom's house for the weekend. It should be fun, but I don't know if we'll do much other than chill out around the house. Gabriel is sick and I'm sick (and I'm also having severe "woman" problems at the moment) and I don't feel like doing much other than sleeping. It will be nice to have some chill time at her house though. I don't know if I'll post from there or not. If I do, cool. If not, I'll post when I get back home.


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