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Baby's First Ear Infection
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This afternoon we had a doctor's appointment for Gabriel. It's his one year well baby check up and we also wanted to have that nasty cold of his checked out as well. This time he measured in at a little over 29 inches and weighed in at around 20 pounds. He's in the 25th percentile for height and the 10th percentile for weight. No worries though, he's just a short and skinny kid. On the bright side the 20 pounds now means we can turn his car seats around so that he can face forward in the car. Yay! We were told to keep up the Tylenol cold meds and the doctor checked his ears and he seems to also have an ear infection from the cold in his left ear. So she also faxed in a prescription for antibiotics to the drug store. Even with the ear infection she said he should be fine to fly this Friday.

After the doctor's office we made a quick stop at KFC for lunch and then headed to a Best Buy where we used our gift card from (which is where we found our apartment) to buy a wireless card for our ancient laptop. Hopefully it will work so that Rob and I can both be on Full Tilt Poker at the same time. From there we got my car washed (there was a super long line because everyone's car is covered in salt and today it's actually above freezing) and then headed to the drug store. The pharmacy was having fax machine problems so Gabriel's prescription wasn't ready yet. So we headed to Suburpia to pick up sandwiches for dinner and then headed back to the drug store for Gabriel's prescription. Then we headed back home and we're in for the night.


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