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It's Not A Salt Lick, It's A Car
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Oy. So, I'm still sick. For the most part the cold has passed, but the lingering walking pnemonia has not and there's still crap in my lungs which makes it difficult to breathe. I can't even talk much without bursting into a coughing fit. I hate it. Gabriel is also still sick. He's getting somewhat better and is on antibiotics, but is super duper fussy. And now to top it all off, Rob threw out his back today while installing a new car seat for Gabriel in his car. Right now, we're pretty much a family of people who are sick and/or crippled.

Today we spent a good part of the day playing with Gabriel. The play tired him out and he crawled over to me and fell asleep on me. I let him sleep on me for awhile and loved every moment of it. Unfortunately there was a point when I needed to get up so that I could shower and get ready for the day. Gabriel was not happy when his Mommy pillow got up.

When we headed out we went to a local game store to buy this month's Dungeons and Dragons book (Dungeonscape) and then took Rob's salt covered car over to the car wash. His car once again resembles a black Camry and no longer looks like a salt lick for deer. However, just as with my car at the car wash yesterday, we waited about 45 minutes in line for the wash. We then picked up dinner at a barbeque place and brought it home. We gamed and had American Idol on in the background and then got Gabriel bathed and ready for bed. Rob's currently giving him a bottle in the hopes of getting him to sleep for the night.


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