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Not Going Out Today
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We are not going outside today. No way, no how. There's nothing that can't be done tomorrow. Granted, we should make a store run and get some errands done, but they can wait.

Why are we so dead set on staying in today? The weather. Last night there was freezing rain and then it switched to hail. This morning and early afternoon we had a blizzard (couldn't even see across the street). Now it's pouring out. So, due to the insane weather, we're staying in.

The delivery company called us this morning to reschedule. Apparently they're not going out in this weather either and I don't blame them. So, we should be getting the baby furniture on Saturday.

Tonight we'll probably make some poor bastard deliver food to us and watch either the Idol results show or Survivor. Probably Idol. It's more interesting.


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