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Buying 18 Month Clothes
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I don't get it. Gabriel is twelve months and is considered to be small for his age. At his twelve month check up he was short (almost 30 inches which puts him in the 25th percentile) and skinny (just 20 pounds which puts him in the 10th percentile for weight). And yet he's almost outgrown all of his twelve month clothes. Huh???

So, yesterday I looked up online to see if we had any Carter's stores near us. There's an outlet store about 20-some miles away and today we headed there. It's a really cute little outlet mall and even has a Lane Bryant outlet store (no I didn't get anything there). We did, however, get some decent stuff for Gabriel in size 18 months. He now has a decent collection of onesie and pant combos and sleepers. At some point we'll probably check out the Baby Gap outlet or the Children's Place outlet for some other types of clothes like jeans and t-shirts. Oh, we also found him a cute light jacket for the spring time (with something that looks like a green beholder on it) and some slippers. All in all it was a very productive run to get Gabriel some bigger clothes.

My baby is growing up too fast! *snifflewah*

When we got home tonight we watched Heroes and just chilled out around the house and chased the baby around. I don't know why, but right now I'm super tired. While I could go to sleep right now, I'll probably be up playing poker for the next few hours.


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