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Oh My God, This F*%$ing Hurts!
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In Pain

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I am in an unbelievable amount of pain right now. On the "pain scale" that hospitals use I'd be rating it around an 8. The only things that have hurt more were fracturing my kneecap and being in labor.

Last night I wasn't feeling too hot. I had a headache and so I slapped a Migraine Ice on my head and went to bed. I woke up in the middle of the night with a horrible migraine and crawled into the bathroom to take some meds for it. I then crawled back to bed and prayed for the pain to stop.

Throughout the night it eased up and when I woke up this morning it was only a minor headache. However, because of the migraine I think I slept funky because I woke up with a stiff neck. Throughout the day the pain in my neck became worse and worse. What was a stiff neck this morning is now my having no range of motion at all in my neck and it being in severe pain. I don't know if I knotted something up or tweaked a nerve or what, but the pain is near unbearable.

The pain got so bad tonight that it's making me nauseous. I feel like I'm going to throw up and am near crying. Not moving my neck is putting a strain on my shoulders and back and now those ache as well. The pain in my neck also started bringing on a new headache, so I took some meds in the hopes of staving off another migraine. Oh, and I'm also absolutely freezing. I'm shivering and just can't seem to get warm.

Rob put an Icy Hot patch on me recently and I think it's the only thing keeping me from collapsing and crying right now. I am exhausted and feel like passing out but am in the middle of laundry and still need to get things together to pack tomorrow. Tomorrow we're heading to my Mom's place, more on that later in this entry.

Today we did some errands. We went to the post office to mail some tax documents out to our tax attorney, went to the bank, went to the grocery store, and picked up a pizza at Papa Murphy's to bring home and cook for dinner. Tonight we watched Idol, gamed, and I'm working on getting a whole lot of laundry done.

Thursday is our 4 year anniversary and we'd really like to be able to go out to dinner. So, we're heading to my Mom's place tomorrow so that we can get our anniversary night out and Gabriel can have his Grandma babysit him. We're heading out tomorrow and coming back on Saturday. I don't know if I'll post from there or not.

I really hope this neck thing is better tomorrow. I can't even begin to describe the amount of pain I'm in right now.


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