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I'm Back
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I'm back from my Mom's place so it's time for me to catch up on here.

Tuesday night was bad. My neck was in pain and I started to get super cold and shivery. I thought it was because of my neck, but the two were unrelated. During the night it got worse and when I took my temp it was 102.5. I also felt nauseous and was making many a trip to the bathroom.

Wednesday morning wasn't much better. My neck still hurt like a bitch and I felt like ass. The fever had me going through hot and cold spells, I kept running to the bathroom, and the nausea was bad. So bad I nearly collapsed after I got out of the shower. It took me awhile, but I managed to pull it together, get ready, and get the hell out of the house so that we could head to my Mom's place.

I wore Rob's pressure point bands that are supposed to stop motion sickness on the car ride to my Mom's house. They aided in my not throwing up on the ride there and seemed to (mostly) keep the nausea at bay. We made a bathroom stop along the way, but I consider it a victory that it was only one.

Once we got to my Mom's house we unpacked and chilled out around the house. My Mom made chili for dinner and while it's usually one of my favorites, I couldn't eat more than two bites of it before I thought I was going to hork. Ugh. Later on she made a Wal*Mart run and picked me up a few plain McDonald's hamburgers. I was able to eat those and keep them down, but that didn't mean I didn't pay for it in bathroom runs. It looks like the neck problem (which I still have today) stems from sleeping wrong when I had a migraine the other night and the rest of the crap I'm dealing with is the flu (yes I did have a flu shot) or a stomach bug.

Thursday was our four year wedding anniversary. We chilled out around the house during the day and then headed into Dubuque in the late afternoon while my Mom and Grandma babysat Gabriel for us. We headed to an Irish shop to see if they had any new wedding bands we liked. Nothing struck us as super cool so we might end up getting the celtic dragon knot ones we saw online awhile back (we need new bands at some point). We then stopped in a toy store and while we didn't find anything for Gabriel we did find two things for my Mom (which we used as a thank you for her babysitting for us). One was a stuffed red eye tree frog with weird rubber hair and the other was a red eyed tree frog kazoo. We make my Mom collect red eyed tree frogs.

From there we headed to The Olive Garden for dinner. It was nice to have a dinner with just the two of us. Unfortunately, my being sick and nauseous didn't do much for my appetite and my entire dinner (minus a few bites) got boxed up to go. After dinner we made a quick grocery store run for soda and Gatorade and then headed back to my Mom's place for the night.

Friday I was feeling better, but not completely well. I was at least able to eat. I'll take that as a victory over this bug. During the day we chilled out around the house and in the late afternoon we all headed out to a doctor's appointment for my Grandma and then went into Dubuque for Chinese food. Gabriel was amazing at dinner! He ate a lot of real table food, drank almost all of his juice, and was super well behaved. I'm so proud of my little dude. Oh, and he even has a new word. When trying to get up my Mom's stairs (yes supervised) the other day he said "Up!".

Today we headed out of my Mom's place and back home. We grabbed some brats at Blackhawk meats and will be cooking them for dinner tonight. Whatever bug I caught is getting much better. My fever is under control and the nausea is almost gone. My bathroom trips are still there, but less frequent. My neck still hurts like a bitch though.


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