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Errands Monday
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Today was all about getting errands done. Once we were up and ready to go (after napping with Gabriel) we headed out on many an errand.

Our first stop was at the drug store to pick up my prescriptions. Then we headed to Babies R us for some things and they had everything we needed except the teething tablets. So we then went to another drug store to get the teething tablets. Then it was on to the grocery store for a big shop and then we headed home to unload the groceries.

We then headed out again and made a stop by Krispy Kreme, McDonalds (to get some chicken nuggets for Gabriel), and Chipotle (to get some dinner for us). We headed home and ate dinner here and just chilled out, did some laundry, and bathed Gabriel.

My ear infection seems to be coming back... AGAIN. This is the third time in only a few months. It's driving me nuts. Once again it hurts and itches and is getting a funky odor to it. I have one more run of the ear antibiotics and will probably start using them soon if it doesn't go away on its own. If this happens again I'll have to find a new doctor around here to see and find out why I keep getting these infections and why the antibiotics don't seem to be clearing it up better. Suck.

Gabriel seems to be taking after me a little bit in that he's getting quite bossy. This morning Rob was in the computer chair and Gabriel walked up to him, spun him around to face him, held his arms up, and said "up". Love it.


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