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Ahhhh... Relaxing
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Last night Sydney was our super cat protector. I woke up to him growling and batting at the window. I then noticed that there was a bat outside taunting Sydney and trying to slam into the screen on our window (the weather out here has been amazing so we slept with the window open last night). It was so cute to see Sydney trying to fend off the bat and protect us. That's my little 8 pound fierce guard kitty. *gryns*

So yeah, the weather out here is gorgeous. We've been having the windows open day and night. Today it got into the high 50's (my perfect weather) and was just beautiful out. I had forgotten how gorgeous and nice a real Spring can be.

My ear is still bothering me and now it's getting hard to hear out of. It hurts when I yawn, chew, etc. and itches a lot of the other time. I'm going to give it a few more days and if it's still having issues I'll use up the last of the ear antibiotics that I have. *grumble*

Today we chilled out around the house and had a lot of fun with Gabriel. I can say right now that without a doubt the best thing in the world is snuggling in bed with the little guy. Rob and I were on the outsides of the bed, Gabriel was in between us, and Sydney was curled up on my hip. The window was open, fresh non-polluted air was coming in, and it felt so good just laying there with the family and being lazy.

Later on in the day we got some Olive Garden take out and then came home. We tried to watch American Idol, but Gabriel would have none of it and so we put on Elmo for him and gamed for a little bit.


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