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It's Raining, It's... Hailing?
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Rob has come to the determination that while Sydney is a cat, he is also a vermin. I believe this is due to the sneaky food stealing and trying to occasionally trip Rob down the stairs.

Today we had more errands to do. We headed over to our local City Hall and got registered to vote (there's an election coming up next month and we wanted to make sure we didn't miss one) and then headed over to our bank. Rob finally got his 401k materials and so we rolled over the 401k he had with his old job to an IRA account with our bank. I also applied for a new credit card. I like having two and I recently cancelled my Harris Bank (FIA) one because they had fucked me over many times and I was sick of them. Since I have a checking, savings, and my World Wildlife Fund credit card with our current bank, I decided to get a new credit card with them so all of my finances are with one company (that I trust). I looked over all of the credit cards that they offered and decided to go with another charity one. Cash back and rewards are nice (I'll admit, I was sorely tempted to get the Vermont Teddy Bear card which gives me a free bear and 15% off all purchases with them... but I didn't), but I like cards that give back to a charity. So I applied for one that gives a percent of what I spent to St. Jude's Children's Hospital. I found out there that I was approved and I should be getting the card in a few weeks. Nice. Now one of my credit card helps animals and the other helps children. I like that.

After the bank we headed to a local game store and got the latest Dragon magazine and a few boxes of the new Unhallowed minis set. This month's book hasn't come out yet. We then checked a few beauty supply stores because I was looking for a certain comb (or one like it) but didn't have any luck. So we picked up some dinner and brought it home to eat. We chilled out, watched American Idol (will that annoying Sanjaya ever leave?!?!?), and gamed a bit.

The weather today was weird. The temp was super nice out (50's again) but it kept going between hail (or, as Rob says "It's raining ice") and rain. Later on in the day it cleared up.


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