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Kitty Baba
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This morning Gabriel was walking (and running) all over the place while carrying his bottle. He saw Sydney and ran up to him and said "key-tee baba" (translation: kitty bottle). Sydney knows that Gabriel likes to tug at his ears and fur and so Syd promptly ran into our bedroom and under the bed. I just think it's adorable that Gabriel was offering Sydney some of his bottle.

Today we headed to the Bayshore mall in Glendale. It's a super nice outdoor mall. When the weather gets a bit warmer we want to walk the entire thing, but for today since it was cold out we decided to just do a small section of it. They have a Coach store there *squee!* and we went into Bath and Body Works because we each needed more hand lotion. I also picked up an easter bunny rubber duck (a duck with bunny ears and a fluffy tail) for Gabriel. He likes a squeaky baby toy that I had as a kid when he's at my Mom's house (BooBoo Kitty) and so I figured he could use another squeaky toy to play with around here. We stopped in a cute coffee shop for some tea and then looked around in a Swarovski store (and Rob got me the white mouse charm which is the mate to my black mouse charm). I love it. Now I can go back and forth between either the white mouse or the black mouse depending on what I'm wearing. I like having the set.

After the mall we made a brief stop at home and then headed out to pick up dinner at The Olive Garden and bring it home. There wasn't anything interesting on TV tonight so we let Gabriel have an Elmo marathon while we finished making up my new D&D character (Katrina a dire werewolf ranger) and did a bit of gaming with my current character (Bensozia).


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