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Another Lazy Sunday
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We briefly toyed with the idea of getting a few errands done today, but decided we were tired and it was a good day to be lazy. We played "fort" with Gabriel and he got sleepy and fell asleep in our bed. Which gave us an excuse to nap as well. I didn't even shower until around 5:30pm today and it felt wonderful. I love lazy days, especially when they involve family nap time when the little dude is in our bed. So nice.

This evening we watched the first ten minutes of The Amazing Race (it would have been more but the damn thing started 50 minutes late) and then watched America's Next Top Model (we forgot to on Wednesday) and The Apprentice. We've found that we can actually watch some adult shows if we use my old law school laptop to play Elmo DVDs on at the same time (I have no idea how that thing even still works). Gabriel just watches the computer and ignores what we have on TV. It's nice to know we now have a chance at watching things other than kids shows without Gabriel throwing a fit.


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