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Thunderstorms, Errands, and Hail Oh My!
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My ear infection is getting worse and so I folded and started the last run of my ear drop antibiotics. It should clear up in ten days. The next time I get an ear infection (I give it about two months or so) I'll need to find a new doctor out here and get in to see them because this is the last of the antibiotics I have from my old doctor in LA.

The lump on my wrist (for those who asked... weird ass hard immobile lump on the inside of my right wrist up by my hand) is annoying and my wrist is hurting a lot.

Today was weird outside. The temp got up to 60, but we had thunderstorms all day long. Then, early at night, we were hit with a HUGE hailstorm. On the dopplar radar we were in the maroon section (eep) and the hail was so loud on the roof. Rob went outside to see how big it was (he brought some up, it was BIG) and got the shit pelted out of him.

Today we made a quick run to the grocery store for some emergency items. Then there was a stop in the Cingular store to get a copy of their rate plans so we know which plan to go with (our current one isn't an option anymore) when we change over our cell phone numbers and upgrade our phones. I then did a few drug store runs and NONE of them had a decent wrist brace in my size in stock (found it online though). I also made a beauty store run for some shampoo and conditioner. We grabbed Olive Garden and brought it home for dinner (I went with soup and salad, I was absolutely jonesing for that).

This evening we watched America's Next Top Model and American Idol (WHY IS SANJAYA STILL THERE?????) and discovered that the bald guy looks like a cross between Nosferatu and that weird guy (Gollum?) from Lord of the Rings. We also wrapped up the current D&D game (loved playing Bensozia, but it's time for something new) and will start the new one probably Friday night.


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