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Bar Application Annoyances and Happy Birthday
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Yesterday I made up a contact list of everyone I needed to contact with regards for getting things rolling on this damn bar application. I was able to get ahold of my tax attorney today (who is willing to be the contact to attest to the fact that I am self employed) and my Dad. One of the problems I ran into is that I also work for my Dad, and he is the "boss" and my direct supervisor... but you can't put family on the application as someone to contact about employment. So... he gave me the name of another guy in the firm who can vouch for me. It's annoying, if I work for my Dad I should be able to put him as my employment contact for the work I do for his firm. This is just one of the hurdles and messes I need to deal with for this bar. Tomorrow I'll be calling and e-mailing a lot of people to see if I can use them as character referrels. Maybe e-mailing. My e-mail is having issues and won't allow me to send or receive anything and I have no idea why.

Today we made a quick grocery store trip for some necessities (Rob ran in while I waited in the car with the Poopchuck) and stopped by our local game store. We brought home Thai food for dinner and solidified a few things with my new D&D character so that we can start the game tomorrow.

The thing on my wrist is bothering me big time. I ordered a decent wrist brace online, but it will be awhile before it gets here. So I finally just decided to get a crappy one for now. It sucks, but it does help. Until the one I ordered online comes, it's better than nothing.

I also wanted to wish a very happy birthday to Lisa. It's around midnight here so technically it's the 23rd. Happy bithday woman! By the way, your package was delivered today. Drop me a line and let me know that you received it.


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