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Gabriel's Lovey GlowWorm
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I think Gabriel has a bit of a budding relationship going with his GlowWorm. He tends to kiss her a lot and today kept trying to feed her Cheerios and various other food. It's really adorable, but she's getting a nice cereal coating on her from it.

I felt like ass this morning and slept in. I have no idea what is up with me and I've been tired all day. My wrist hurts and no place near me sells a wrist brace that doesn't have latex in it. So, I'm having to wait until my online order gets here. Suck.

We got some more of the never ending errands done today. I picked up a prescription at the drug store (more ear solution that my doctor in LA was nice enough to approve), made an ATM run for some cash (the bank was closed), Rob ran into Menard's for some light bulbs because the one on the lamp that we just bought for the loft blew out last night, I checked Wal*Mart for a non-latex wrist brace (no luck), and we did a big grocery store run.

Gabriel is super fussy tonight so we're not doing much else other than tending to him. No gaming tonight, but last night we did start the new D&D / Ravenloft game. I'm playing Katrina, a dire werewolf ranger. Should be fun.


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