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Feeding The Glow Worm... And The Cat
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Gabriel's infatuation with the Glow Worm has grown. He keeps trying to feed her anything we give to him. This morning he tried to give her some milk from his sippy cup. When she didn't take any he proceeded to suck some of the milk into his mouth and "baby bird" it to her. He thought he was giving her milk (which was adorable) but now that he spit milk on her face she has a nice cheerio coating and is covered in milk.

Hey, can you guess what we did today? That's right... errands! It truely never ends (laundry never ends either, but that's a whole different story). We made a run to Wal*Mart for a huge ass pack of paper towels and a swiffer that can reach up to clean off our ceiling fans. It's time to use them because it's getting hot out here. We have the air conditioning on and when we were out today Rob's car showed it as being 75 outside, and that was late in the afternoon. We also made a run to Office Depot for printer ink and a mouse and keyboard cushion (thanks Kat!). We picked up dinner from a local Indian restaurant that we recently found and it was AMAZING. It was also funny because Rob called in the order on his cell. The owner asked him about the 818 area code because he's from Sherman Oaks and his cousins own the Indian restaurant we used to get food from all the time when we lived in Studio City. Heh. Small world.

Tonight during dinner Gabriel found out that Sydney seems to like food a whole lot more than the Glow Worm. He tore a chunk off of his chicken nugget and threw it to the cat. When Sydney showed that he liked it Gabriel then started tearing off more small pieces and throwing them to the cat. This kid is too cute.

Tonight we watched some TV (The Amazing Race which was LATE again and The Apprentice) and gamed. So far I'm really liking my new character and having a blast with this new game.


Heavenly Cloud
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The Cuddlability Test

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