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New Cell Phone (It's Pink!)
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I'm still having problems with my order from Chaosium. I received an e-mail back today saying that (the company they use to process credit cards) is still claiming that my credit card was denied. I called my credit card company and they said that two charges went through, but they both still have "pending" status. I now need to wait until Friday. Apparently no dispute can be made until the charge goes through. Because the company is claiming my card was denied (and it wasn't) there's a chance the charges might just drop off and not go through (hopefully). Gah.

My wrist hurts like hell and the bump is nasty. I'm now using a pad for my keyboard and one for the mouse (thanks to Kat for her recommendations). On the bright side, my wrist brace order came today. It helps a lot (and is non-latex, hooray for neoprene) though it makes my hand and wrist sweat.

Speaking of sweating, at one point today Rob's car's temperature gauge read 93. What the hell?

Today we made a run to the bank to make some deposits. Then Rob ran into the grocery store while I waited in the car with Gabriel to pick up some beans (one of the few things other than chicken nuggets that Gabriel will eat). We grabbed some Starbucks and then headed over to a local Cingular/AT&T store. I now have a new phone (pink RAZR) and a new cell phone number. Rob also has a new phone (black RAZR that I got him for his b-day) and a new cell phone number. Drop me an e-mail if you want my new cell number or give me a call at home. Same with Rob - drop him an e-mail or call him at home if you want his new cell number. So now we both have new working phones (my old Motorola V551 phone was three years old and Rob's was 2 years old) and local cell phone numbers. Mine is charging up right now and when it's done I'll need to find some ring tones to download and take some pictures so that I can have cool wallpaper. After the phone store we made a brief stop at Babies R Us for another play yard (we call it a baby run) for downstairs because Gabriel is not liking his playpen any more.

Right now I'm getting a few things done on the computer while Rob is making dinner. We need to bathe the Poopchuck after dinner but other than that we're just chilling out. Nothing good is on TV tonight (when the hell is Heroes coming back?) and tonight is our off night for gaming. It's easier not to game when we also need to bathe the Poopchuck so now we're gaming every other night.


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