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Baby Dance
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The weather here is just plain weird. Yesterday when we left the Cingular store Rob's car thermometer read 93! Today it's nice out (50's or so) and now it's raining.

Gabriel has taken to dancing to some parts of his Elmo videos. It's so cute and I think he's created a little white baby boy dance. He's so adorable when he does it. When we meet up, this is something I need to get him to do for Netter.

Not much happened around here today (other than baby dances). I woke up with a really bad sinus headache which turned into a migraine. Gabriel passed out in our bed which gave Rob and I the opportunity to spend some of the afternoon in bed. We both needed the rest. Tonight we gamed (I'm really liking my new character) and didn't feel up to watching Idol. It's just not holding my interest this season.

Oh, one thing I almost forgot to mention. Cingular totally fucked up my relocation order yesterday. They didn't shut my old number down and they put the wrong name on the account for the new number. A call was made to them today and the old account was shut down. Hopefully they now have the name right on the new number. I swear, something is always going wrong for me and it's really driving me nuts.


Jennifer, your destiny is to be a Provider

Whether you know it or not, this is the role that is most in tune with who you are at your core. As a Provider, you have a genuine nurturing concern for the welfare of others and you're eager to serve them. You can recognize exactly what people need and your friendly, helpful, social nature makes them feel comforted. With your kind and generous heart, you are personable, talkative, and outward with your emotions, and your openness and sensitivity makes you concerned about the way others view you. Along these lines, be careful not to blame yourself when things go wrong. You cannot prevent bad things from happening, even though your tendency to be orderly with a strong sense of right and wrong may lead you to believe you can. Accept that you do what you can to take care of things and that this will get you far in the world.

What's Your Destiny?

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