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Gabriel Meets The Easter Bunny
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Frazzled over this whole bar application procedure.

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Today we made a brief stop at the Cingular store for Rob to get a protective case for his new black RAZR and to ask about my Mom getting a cell phone. Apparently they can indeed set her up with a cell phone that has an area code local to her. Nice. So the next time she's here we'll take her in to get a cell phone. Maybe then I can actually call her. It's pretty much always busy now that Rob's gotten her addicted to online poker.

We then headed to the mall in Brookfield. I made a run into Lane Bryant to pick up some summer t-shirts (I ordered shorts from Avenue online so I don't need to bother with heading to the store) and Gabriel was very well behaved. So well behaved that he fell asleep and that wasn't necessarily a good thing. We headed to the Easter Bunny area, but the Bunny was on break so we grabbed some drinks and just chilled out for a bit. By the time the Bunny was back Gabriel was sound asleep. We headed to the Bunny's area and took Gabriel out of his stoller and he stayed asleep. Nothing we did would wake this kid up (yes, the same one who still isn't sleeping through the night and barely sleeps at all). Even holding him he just put his head on our shoulder and dozed. It was cute, but a sleepy Gabriel with the Easter Bunny picture just wouldn't work. So, we headed to the Boston Store so that Rob could shop for a few things. We needed to kill some time so that he would be awake for the Easter Bunny.

Rob ended up getting two new pairs of jeans (which he really needed because the ass split on his black jeans and his blue jeans are getting worn out), one black and one blue. I got Rob a whole bunch of socks and underpants. I've been telling him for awhile now that if he didn't get himself new socks and underpants I'd get them for him for his birthday. He thought I was joking. I wasn't. (I also got him the cell phone so it's not just socks and underpants for his b-day. I'm weird but I'm not that weird.) He really needed them. He wears his socks all the time (even around the house) so he has a lot of holes in his socks. He also seems to fart the back out of all of his underpants and he needed new ones. So, now he has new man-panties and socks. Hehehe.

After the Boston Store, Gabriel was still asleep. So, Rob took him for a diaper change and that managed to wake him up. We headed to the Easter Bunny and waited in line for a very fussy 20 month old to try and get a decent non-screaming picture. Eventually the Mom just gave up and settled for any picture and it was Gabriel's turn. We have a great Easter Bunny pic! Sorry, it's hard copy and not on the computer otherwise I'd put it up here for all to see. He was very well behaved and seemed to really like the Easter Bunny. Because we bought the "family package" (so that we can send a copy to Rob's family, John, my Dad, and my Mom) Gabriel got a free small beanie stuffed chick.

Before leaving the mall we found some nice Easter presents for Gabriel. He's too young for an Easter basket, so we bought him a purple stuffed bunny and a stuffed chick with a diaper on. He'll get those on Easter as his gifts from us. Speaking of which, Easter is also Rob's birthday. We'll be heading to my Mom's place then. I'll also be getting my wrist checked out when we're out there.

After the mall we picked up some Thai food and headed home. We watched America's Next Top Model and the Idol results show. I'm not happy that the fluffy haired guy got kicked off. He was cool. I'm even less happy that the annoying twit Sanjaya is still on the show. What the hell???

After TV and bathing the Poopchuck I came up here to work on my Wisconsin State Bar application. It's a pain in the ass and the printing is SUPER slow going, but at least that part is done. I still have a lot more to do, but at least the main part of the application has been filled out.


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