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Jacked My Neck Again
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In A Lot Of Pain

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Can I just curl up in a little ball now? Seriously, if it's not one thing it's another around here. GAH.

Okay, so... the charges on my credit card are still not taken care of. I'm supposed to check back tomorrow to see what the hell is going on with that. My Cingular account should be, for the most part, settled. My old account is finally shut down though now my name shows up as _ _ on the website. I'll wait until I get my bill for the new phone number and go from there. My new St. Jude's charity credit card arrived with the correct name on it (the first card had my first name as Jennife). Tomorrow is the last day of my ear antibiotic drops and my ear no longer itches, smells, or hurts. I should be seeing a doctor about my wrist on either the 9th or the 10th of April. So you think things were starting to go right for me... right?

Nope. I woke up with a headache this morning, took some meds for it (been having a lot of sinus headaches recently) and slept it off. When I jumped in the shower and reached for my body wash I felt something snap in my neck and heard a twang. I know that sound and feeling. It happened the last time I jacked my neck. Same thing only the opposite side. The left side of my neck is in extreme pain. I have no range of motion and if I even try to move it it hurts like hell. If it's like the last time it will work itself out over the course of a week or so. Unfortuantely this time neither the Icy Hot patch nor Tiger Balm is helping at all. Also, the pain is radiating into my shoulder and down part of my back and left arm. Pleasant, that.

Rob had his appointment with an orthopedic surgeon today about his shoulder. He tweaked it during the muscle spasm that sent him to the ER back in December and it hasn't been the same since. He got an X-Ray and was told that luckily it won't need surgery and it's neither his rotator cuff nor his tendons. It is a muscle problem and he will need physical therapy. We're happy with that diagnosis since it's not surgery.

After his doctor appointment we headed to the Post Office and mailed out our state and federal taxes for the year and also sent our Gabriel with the Easter Bunny pictures out. We sent out four envelopes, each one containing one large picture and one wallet sized picture. One is going to the Rossel clan, one is going to John, one is going to my Dad, and one is going to my Mom. We made a Walgreens run for some things to try and help aid with ny neck pain and then grabbed dinner and custard at Kopp's to bring home with us. Kopp's is a really cool frozen custard and burger joint that looks like a church. Today's frozen custard flavor was rum and coke. It was AMAZING and now rates as my favorite flavor of ice cream. There's real rum in there! Yum! We brought a quart home with us. They have different flavors every day and I really hope they have this flavor again down the road.

Tonight we gamed (loving this character), did the laundry, and played with Gabriel. He now knows how to make fishie faces and then kissy noises. Too cute.


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