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Talk About A Pain In The Neck!
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In pain.

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Today is the last day of my antibiotic ear solution. I have one more dose before bed and then I'm good until the next time that ear gets an infection (based on previous experiences I'd say two months). My neck is jacked in a bad way. Icy Hot patches and Tiger Balm and Aleve lessen the pain somewhat, but it's still bad. I can't really turn my head side to side and when I need to look at something I have to turn my whole body. Up and down is better, but still limited. And shoulder to shoulder isn't possible at all. Sleeping last night was difficult. I usually sleep on my right side and I couldn't. It hurt way too much. The only way I could sleep was on my left side with the pillow sticking under my next or on my back. And even then it still hurt and I didn't get any decent sleep at all. I know it will work itself out over time, but for now it's really painful.

Luckily I have an amazing husband. He knew how messed up my neck was and that it was hard for me to sleep. So he just let me sleep today until I was ready to get out of bed. I didn't get up until 3pm (scary), but my body needed the sleep. Of course it's a lot less weird that I slept so late considering I didn't even get into bed until 6am. Damn addictive internet poker. Rob and I were both in a freeroll (costs nothing to enter) where you could win real money (a small amount, but it allows you to then play that and have the chance of winning more). 2700 people start in the tournament. Last night (after four hours of playing) I finished as number 36 and Rob finished as number 34. Impressive, but infortunately only the top 27 get paid. Missed by less that 10! Frustrating.

I also have an amazing nugget munching baby (as some of you with cell phones have seen). I sent a cute pic I snapped with my phone to my e-mail account and will probably try and get that as my front page Gabriel pic when I change things over for April. Gabriel now knows how to give kissies and if you ask him for one and tap you cheeck he'll kiss you. Baby kisses are wonderful.

I now have all of the application paperwork filled out for the bar. I just need to get in to the bank on Monday to have a few forms notorized and then I'll be sending it in with payment. That's not nearly all I have to do though... they also need information from my undergrad school, my law school, the California bar, and various other places. Oy.

Gabriel is passed out in his baby run and snoring. Too cute. And amazing since it's only 9pm. Thank god he's already had his bath! I just hope this doesn't mean he decides to get up for the day when Rob and I are ready to go to bed for the night.

Today we spent most of the day in because my neck was killing me. We went out to pick up some dinner (Indian) and headed back home where we watched Elmo with the Poopchuck, a bit of a really cool show called Identity, did some laundry, and bathed the Poopchuck.


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