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Grandma Pillow... we need you! Gabriel took a small nap at my Mom's house before we left yesterday and that was it. No more naps. Last night he fell asleep around 1am and then got up for the day at 5:30am. I think we need to kidnap my Mom because she's the only one who can get this kid to sleep.

Luckily we didn't need to do anything today and so we spent the day in. Around 11am we brought Gabriel into our bed to play fort and hoped the bed would just be so comfy that he'd fall asleep. It worked and the three of us napped in the bed until around 2:30. It's so nice having Gabriel sleep in the bed with us. I cuddled him the entire time. *smiles*

Tonight there was nothing we wanted to see on TV and so we let Gabriel watch a lot of Elmo. We ordered in dinner from a local pizza place and gamed.

Oh, Gabriel is one smart dude. Last night when Rob was playing with him, Rob had his glasses off and set on a nearby table. He looked closely at Rob's face and noticed that something was amiss. He then made a circle with his fingers and put that up to his eye and then pointed at Rob's glasses that were on the bookshelf! He was asking Rob about his glasses! Like I said, one smart dude.

He also gets some ninja skills from his Daddy. Today Rob was in the kitchen and Gabriel was in his play yard in the living room. Rob heard a thump that sounded like when Gabriel flumps down onto his butt. Just as he turned around to go check on him he saw Gabriel standing next to him and smiling! Gabriel had climbed over the side of his play yard and escaped! Thank god he went to see Daddy because this apartment is not safe for him to be running around in. We'll be contacting our landlord tomorrow about installing the baby gates for the stairs. We also need to talk to the landlord about weatherproofing our front door. We've been finding earth worms in our entry way downstairs whenever it rains. Ew.


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