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New Bird Residents
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This morning when we were getting ready to head out I noticed the mating pair of mourning doves (you know, the ones who had sex on our balcony the other day) flying back and forth to our balcony with twigs. It looks like they're making a nest on our balcony! It's on top of the fireplace vent so there's no way we can use the fireplace as long as they're there. When the weather gets colder and we want the fireplace turned on we'll talk to our manager about making sure everything is clean and that there are no twigs down in there. But for now I'm just fine with the birds making a nest there. Now we need to find one of those bird seed bells to hang so they have something to eat. They'll probably be moving in and laying their eggs once the nest is complete.

Today we headed out to check out a house in our area for my Mom. She's fed up with her house and some of the problems it's been having - new doors came yesterday to be put on and they're three inches too tall and three inches too narrow. She can now see the outside around her doors! She's also interested in moving back to Wisconsin and being near us. When we left the house we stopped off for gas and then headed to the open house.

The house was really cute. It's a one story ranch house. My Mom needs either that or a house with one of the bedrooms downstairs because my Nana can't do stairs anymore. It was a nice house, but a bit small (though I think most ranch houses are a bit small). We thought it was cool and she's probably going to check it out (and the information we got on it) when she's here this weekend.

When we were done checking out the house we headed back to Rob's car. As he went to put his seat belt on, the thing folded in half and extended out all the way. After a lot of trying to fix it, we made no progress. His seat belt is broken and we need to take it in to have it fixed. Problem is, car dealers (even the maintenance part) are by law closed on Sundays in Wisconsin (what kind of fucked up law is that). So, we took the car home and switched over to mine for the rest of our day.

After the car switch we headed to the bank to use the ATM. We stopped off at Menards to look for some Velcro, but they didn't have any. We stopped off at Wal*Mart and they did have the Velcro we're looking for (and an It's A Big Big World DVD for Gabriel). We grabbed some custard at Kopp's (I wanted to try today's flavor of burgendy cherry... so good). And then we headed home.

When we got home we played with Gabriel outside for a little while. We told him that when he wanted to go back in to just head to the door. He did so and we opened the door and let him in. He just walked right in and started climbing up the stairs. We followed him closely to make sure he got up all right and then put on his new It's A Big Big World DVD for him. He knows that show is usually on weekday mornings. This was a Sunday afternoon. He looked at the TV in awe and said "Oh wow.". Too cute and not something he's ever said before.

Tonight we watched The Amazing Race and the season finale of The Apprentice. I'm glad the other team got fired because I thought their commercial was really quite tasteless. We also gamed and now I'm just getting some things done on here before heading off to bed.


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