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So Much Fun, It Made The Baby Puke
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My daemon on the front page of my journal keeps changing. Cool. It means you're voting. Thanky! Earlier today I saw it was a spider again (eek) and now it's a crow (which is what it was after I originally took the quiz). 10 more days before it locks in to its form. Yes, I am hoping it is NOT the spider. *shudders*

Our main thing today was taking Gabriel to a local park to play. It was gorgeous outside and he seemed to have a ton of fun. Rob took him on some slides, he ran around A LOT on the grass, he didn't like the spinning disc thing (even though he climbed up onto it and wanted to play on it), and he LOVED the baby swing! The baby swing made him smile and giggle until he got the hiccups and then churled onto the ground. Luckily, he managed to miss himself completely and everything hit the ground. He looked a little green after that and so we went back to letting him run around on the grass some more. When he was done he ran to the car to let us know he wanted to leave.

After the time at the park we headed to the drug store to pick up three of my prescriptions. Two of them were there, one was not. My allergy pills (which I desperately need during the spring) weren't there. They needed my doctors authorization for the refill and had put in three calls to him over the past two days. They never got a call back. So tomorrow I need to call the office and let them know I need the refill authorization called in ASAP. Wankers.

We also made a stop at the game store and got some more D&D miniatures. We finally got the Strahd Von Zarovich mini from the Unhallowed set (does the happy dance). We then came home and chilled out around here. No gaming tonight and nothing interesting was on TV. Gabriel just had his bath and now it's time to catch up on my journal.


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