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More Contracts Outlining
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I got up early today because I had a lot more contracts to get done. I spent the day putting lecture two onto notecard outline form and going over the written materials as well. I have to say, I still hate contracts, but it seems to make a wee bit more sense through this bar review program that it did in law school. Maybe. I guess we'll see just how much my brain is absorbing when I take the contracts practice multiple choice questions tomorrow. Eek.

Rob needs to get his car in to have the seatbelt looked at again. I need to make an appointment to take my car in for its five and a half year service and to have the brakes looked at (I think I'll need new ones). I also need to call our car insurance agent because we expire in two weeks and I have yet to get a bill. *eep* Lots of crap to try and do this week on top of my hectic bar review schedule.

After finishing up with my bar review for the day (around 4pm) we headed to the grocery store to get Gabriel some more milk and to pick up things to make dinner with. We then got some nuggets for Gabe and some iced Chai with soy for us and headed back home for the night. Tonight we made salads for dinner and gamed a lot.


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